ALEXANDER FEHT     Composer • Poet • Translator 

WUWT as a Relief Valve

While AGW group-think may be a common disease in craven Academia, in financial, commercial, and political circles the AGW propaganda is a clever money-making mechanism and a power grab, the new and effective way to exploit amazing ignorance and fears of the general population.


Yes, a religion of sorts. And the high priests of this new religion, like all priests of all times, are the least believing of all: they know exactly, what they are doing, they laugh in our faces and in the faces of their faithful, they already accumulated such an iron-clad power that our diddly "skepticism" doesn't bother them at all -- we cannot do them any harm.


I suspect that the smartest bunch on the Green Side of the Force quietly approves the existence of such outlets as WUWT. Antics of the skeptics have entertainment value for our masters, allow them to appreciate their success more vividly. Winning over fools is easy and boring, crushing under your feet something truly precious, something you never can become -- those loathsome brave, talented and knowledgeable people -- is sublimely thrilling for the jaded rulers of the world. That's why they pay millions for imbecilic abstract art, or go to degenerate, tax-funded opera houses to listen to Verdi and Mozart being perverted and mocked by voiceless singers and hapless conductors. The Conqueror Worms enjoy their power that way.


Also, according to several conversations I had with wealthy alarmists, they view sites like WUWT as useful relief valves: let those perspicacious types gather together and let their steam off in completely harmless way, perusing articles published in untouchable "peer-reviewed" journals, finding errors and wasting their own and others' time, endlessly analyzing details, making obvious conclusions, and building imaginary reputations among their ilk -- instead of really trying to take control of the situation by force. Let the discontent play in their sandbox, while the real world belongs to the serious, practical people, thieves and liars.