ALEXANDER FEHT     Composer • Poet • Translator 

Fast and accurate Russian translation service

Finding a reliable Russian translator can be difficult. Some people who claim to be Russian translators offer unrealistic, low rates but have neither sufficient experience nor the skills required to submit their translations in time, or to write in clear, literate Russian.

Alexander Feht has worked as an independent professional Russian translator for 30 years (25 in the US). He is accredited as a Russian Language Contractor with the Homeland Security Agency’s National Virtual Translation Center. His rates are reasonable and negotiable. He is familiar with the most stringent confidentiality requirements, with modern American idiomatic expressions used in marketing and advertising, and with a variety of technical, industrial, corporate, and medical terminology. Being able to work with a broad scope of software programs, he can provide you with Russian translations in the format requested by the end client.

The per-word translation rate includes proofreading, which is done by Maria Feht. She is also an experienced typesetter, which is very useful when your customer needs a translation that fits their web site design, a camera-ready copy of an illustrated marketing brochure, or a consistent, regularly updated catalog of the products, capable of attracting the culturally sensitive Russian consumer.

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